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Specialists in
emotional intelligence education 

Join us on our journey to create kinder communities

Image by Rene Bernal

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world"
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Why we do what we do

We want to create kinder, safer, fairer communities.

What we do

We help create cultural change with a whole of community approach, whether it's a primary school or ELC, to reduce and prevent violence.

How we do it

We deliver workshops to educators and parents. Our focus is the language we use to engage with young children. Our compassionate perspective is trauma informed, emotionally intelligent and draws out strengths in individuals and groups.

How we help you

Bystander education

Effective bystander education takes time and ongoing effort. We empower you with the necessary skills and tools to transform your education environment.

Bullying prevention

Understanding what drives bullying behaviour enables us to help the bully and their victims, and create kinder, safer, fairer communities.

Professional development

Topics covered include:

  • using language to create calmer classrooms

  • teacher wellbeing

  • the agency to say no

  • addressing anxiety

  • understanding gender constructs

Supporting educators and parents in early learning and primary school settings

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Melbourne, Victoria

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