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Bystander education workshops

We offer tailored workshops for teachers to learn the value of effective bystander education.

Half day (3hrs) for up to 15 staff members

  • The foundations of bystander education.

  • Recognising and understanding various types of violence. 

  • Why people behave as bystanders and ways to empower them to become upstanders.

  • Using appropriate language and common responses.

  • Introduction to empathy and resilience training, emotional regulation, compassion for the bully and the importance of being trauma aware.

Full day (6hrs) for up to 15 staff members

  • How upstanders enable cultural change.

  • Emotional intelligence and regulation, including the importance of empathy, compassion and resilience; understanding impact of trauma.

  • How to teach empathy and resilience.

  • Understanding the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion.

  • The importance of cultivating self-compassion and developing healthy boundaries.

  • Strengthening relationships between staff, students and parents.

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