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About us

At Kinder Communities, we understand the challenges teachers face in and out of the classroom.

This is why we’re focused on helping create calmer classrooms, addressing negative behaviour and building skills for emotional regulation that work for both teachers and children.

School communities thrive when they are united in their values and vision for their students, teachers and families.


We work with schools to put their values into action, recognising this is an
integral part of a whole of community approach to positive cultural change.

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At Kinder Communities, we use emotional intelligence education as a vehicle to reduce and prevent violence in schools, and provide teachers and students with the tools to regulate emotions.

Kinder Communities’ work is evidence based and trauma aware. It draws on the principles of positive psychology to promote pro-social behaviour by drawing on the character strengths of every child. Our knowledge and experience working with primary and secondary schools and sports clubs in Victoria and Tasmania means we know what gets lasting results.

To read more, download our brochure here.

Our deepest motivation is primary prevention

stumbling blocks
into stepping stones

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