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Teacher Wellbeing

Teachers are the heart of our education system. Their influence is central to every child’s learning experiences during school and throughout life.

The value teachers provide is hard to overestimate. It’s equally difficult to overstate the pressure teachers face on a daily basis, especially since Covid.


Teaching has always been recognised as a challenging profession, but the load teachers are expected to carry now is massive and goes way beyond just staying on track with the curriculum.

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1 in 5 teachers currently experience depression and half suffer from anxiety*

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Up to 75% of teachers regularly suffer stress and about 20% of these cases are severe or extremely severe**

Kinder Communities understands we can’t reduce teachers’ work demands or change the education system. But we absolutely know how to lighten the mental load.

Our 'PAUSE' teacher wellbeing workshops are specifically designed to help teachers regulate their own emotional responses in the classroom so they can do their job calmly and effectively.

*Mental Health First Aid Australia, 2021

**NEiTA Foundation Survey, 2021

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